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We take care of your recruitments needs. We provide quality tailored professional services of IT consultants on permanent / contractual engagements as per the clients’ description and requirement. We make rigorous effort to provide staffing / placement services to our clients in a cost rationalized model. Market insight & knowledge coupled with strong knowhow of demographics & culture of local markets makes us an ideal partner for all of your recruitment needs. We strive to provide the best resources as per the clients’ specifications.

We have successfully placed 100 consultants in Malaysia with different clients across domains. We offer an option of converting our consultants into permanent staff of your organization after a stipulated period of time if required.

We would assist you by providing services in end to end recruitments to meet your needs.

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Business Verticals

We have developed 4 separate business verticals with unique teams to run the same, each staffed with highly qualified, experienced professionals and leaders in our profession. We provide diverse strategies, customized specifically for the different industry types.

The IT Vertical

We have been effectively delivering services to the IT domain for the last 14 years. We have the expertise in delivering IT Recruitment Solutions to Tier 1 MNC’s like IBM, Accenture, Capgemini and CTS to name a few. Technologies ranging from vanilla skills like Java, Dot Net, Oracle, PL Sql, Managed services, Mainframes to niche skills like EAI Middleware, Datawarehousing, Siebel, SAP etc has been successfully delivered against pressing schedules and ultra low TAT’s.

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The BSFI Vertical

We are focused on creating a delivery model based on a solid research foundation and backed up by consultants with prior BFSI domain knowledge. It is headed by a management team who are qualified CA, Cost, CS and MBA.

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The Engineering Vertical

We are solely focused on the Engineering, Procurement, Infrastructure and Construction domain. It is headed by senior professionals with years of engineering domain knowledge and the resourcing team is also trained to understand the nuts and bolts of this complex domain. We work with large engineering conglomerates like Siemens, Alstom, Premco, Expert Valves etc.

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The FMCG Sales Vertical

Our Management Services is a practice focused on finding out the best resources in the FMCG Sales domain. We have a dedicated team backed which maintains and updates a talent pool of the sales professionals from the industry. It is headed by a senior professional from the FMCG industry and the resourcing team is also largely with similar background.

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Overseas Recruitment

Anthroplace Inc. has been set up in 2010 at Toronto, Canada to address the North American market. It specializes in identifying top talent from the local emigrant pool as well as servicing the needs of the local companies in the region. The strategic take is that eventually the visa regulations for movement of talent across geographies will have to be relaxed and that would open up tremendous business opportunities for players who already have a significant presence in those geographies. We are also hopeful that as the global recession lifts, action will again shift to these developed locations.

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